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It’s hard work being the Pug of a Webmaster

Sunday, 12 December 2010 19:30 by richard

Denny here.

I just thought I would let you all know that my master, Richard, has finally got his office complete after the remodeling of the ground floor.  We have whole new ground level flooring consisting of tile and Hickory solid flooring.   It looks very nice indeed.  

Of course Richard and Robbi would like to maintain this lovely new look, and all we have to do now is make sure that the walking water cannons that are Charlie and Stewie keep up their good manners and go outside to do their business.   Probably why both of them are wearing Robbi’s wonderful Belly Bands.

Anyway, some other news regarding this remodel.  We have the web cam back.  You can view the webcam here:



I don’t think a bellyband is designed for the head…

Monday, 25 October 2010 17:05 by richard

The other morning myself and Robbi had to run some errands, so when we left we made sure that Stewie and Charlie both had their Belly Bands in place to ensure no unwanted puddles around the house.

When I got home I found this in my office.

Stewie had somehow got his Belly Band off and had used it as a wrap-around pillow for his noggin.

Love him.

Huh?  What is the problem?  Its comfy.

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My bestest buddy in the whole world! Denny!

Tuesday, 12 October 2010 19:11 by richard

He is a little older, a little greyer and a little slower at moving.  But Denny is still my furry best friend.  Always by my side.   It only seems like yesterday that I brought the little guy into the world and he changed my life forever.

His health is kept in tip top shape by the stunning work that Robbi does with his diet.  His coat still feels like it did in his Puppy prime.

Look at that face.  Perfect.  In every way.


Denny – October 2010
Still a stud muffin!

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Tuesday, 12 October 2010 19:01 by richard

This is our foster pug Stephanie.

While she is here she is part of the family, all the comforts and benefits of being one of the Denny and Charlie family apply to her.   This is one reason why I am really fussy about all potential adoption homes.   I want to be sure that wherever she may go she will get the same amount of love and attention that she gets here.

Lovely girl, if a little demanding at dinner times.  But the comedy she provides is priceless.


Samantha – October 2010