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Meet Stewie

Tuesday, 12 October 2010 18:55 by richard

This is Stewie (or Stupot).  He came to us in April of this year when he was surrendered to PugHearts by his family.   He was a little too rambunctious for them to deal with so I decided that he could come and stay with us.  

We tried one home visit with a potential adoption home, but I had already fallen for the little guy so myself and Robbi decided to add him permanently to the family.


Stewie in April 2010

He’s a wonderful little fella and he really does keep us on our toes.  Not a day goes by without him bringing something from the garden in the house (and yes, it can be ANYTHING!)

Here is a more recent shot with Charlie in the pool.  He has grown so much in the past months.  Yes, he has a bit of an under bite – but it adds to the little guys charm.


Stewie and Charlie – Summer 2010

More photos to come.   Keep watching!


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It’s been a while…

Tuesday, 12 October 2010 18:31 by richard

It’s been well over a year since I posted anything to the blog.  And I know that Denny, Charlie, Phoebe, Maggie and Stewie (yes we have a new addition) are more than annoyed with me for not publishing their antics on the web.

We also have a foster with us at the moment, Samantha.  She is a lovely dog and I would dearly love to make this her forever home, but she deserves a home where she is the center of attention.  

I do not have any photographs to hand right at this time, but I will be sorting some out later to post on here.   Charlie has a grey chin!  Phoebes is also getting silvery around the chops too.   Yes, they are maturing and developing.  Funny how you never expect them to, but it comes.  

Denny is still my little man, he will never grow old in my eyes.  Alas he is aging – but Robbi does a wonderful job with their diets.

Anyway, this is really just a quick post to make sure all is ok after some maintenance on the site, and everything looks ok.   Expect to see more in a short while.

Richard (and the Fur kids)

Good to be me!

Friday, 2 October 2009 16:45 by richard

Yesterday was a very good day! I don't know why, but for some reason Mummy and Daddy were especially nice to me. I got all sorts of special cuddles and kisses but best of all I got lots of treats! They kept calling me “Birthday Boy” and telling me I was “Four” – whatever that means.

Charlie is 4!!

Not sure what's happening here.

Mummy gave me sardines for dinner which made me really happy. And then after they put me up on the table with some packages.

Phebes knows...and is wanting to join in!

Good thing they did ‘cause Phebes was trying to get at them & she’s really tall. Then Mummy helped me open them while Daddy took photos (I can’t open stuff like Phebes does – she’s really good at ripping open stuff.)

For me?

Inside the packages were biscuits and treats! Yum! I had a few to myself before Mummy made me share them with everyone else.

Yeah baby!

Denny seemed especially happy that we shared. I love my big brother so I don’t mind – as long as I get a bigger biscuit than him.

Denny, my bestest bruvver!

I was so happy I didn’t even mind that Miss Maggie got some too.

Maggie. Always waiting.

But then we all settled down for the evening and I got my special rawhide that I didn’t have to share with anyone!

Yep, it’s good to be me.

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Saturday, 5 September 2009 09:20 by robbi


We are sad to announce that yesterday Walter lost his fight and passed away.


Walter came to us as a stray picked up in San Antonio and taken in by the San Antonio Pug Rescue. As they were overwhelmed we had offered to pick up some pugs for transfer to PugHearts of Houston. When we saw Walter we knew we had to be his foster home. We didn’t know his medical problems and as it turns out there was much more to overcome than anyone knew.

He had emergency surgery on Thursday to repair his collapsing trachea. Unfortunately he had complications and by Friday morning he had to have an emergency tracheotomy. We were able to visit him and stroke him that morning. Friday night we received the phone call that he had simply stopped breathing. They were unable to get him back.

This is how we choose to remember him, and want others to remember him as well. As the happy, loving guy who always seemed content just to be near us.



He will be missed by us as well as the whole gang. He wasn’t here very long but in the time he was he had blended in beautifully and made good friends with everyone.


The Gang

We love you Walt! And we hope you enjoyed your time with us. We will always remember you and will be forever changed for having you in our lives.

-Robbi (mum), Richard (dad), Denny, Charlie, Phoebe, Maggie and Munchkin.