Denny and Charlie (and the rest)
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Quick Update

Thursday, 15 March 2012 23:59 by robbi

I wanted to give a little update about Denny’s progress with therapy.  He met with his rehab vet this week who gave him an acupuncture treatment and chiropractic adjustment.  She evaluated his back and leg strength and was pleased to report that she sees definite strengthening in his muscle tone.  She advised us to continue with the AquaPaws therapy twice a week for a couple more weeks and then see her again. 

But the best news (definitely as far as Denny is concerned) is that she says he can start going for walks again!  At first he’ll need to start slowly, just 5 minutes at a time, but over the next few weeks she wants us to add time and get him moving more! 

I can honestly say I agree that his muscle strength has improved.  He generally holds his back end up a bit better, though he definitely has some bad days.  His actual walking hasn’t really improved much, but we are seeing less of the “knuckling under” that we saw a couple of months ago.

I have watched him walking in the underwater treadmill with each session and I have seen real progress.  He no longer “skip” steps with his back right leg.

He still has a very long way to go and he may never be as good as we’d like.  But it is nice to see some sort of progress.